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I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil (1982). Enrolled in Architecture and Urbanism at FAAP (São Paulo, Brazil) in 2002 and was awarded the first place in the 6th International School Competition of the 6th. International Architecture Biennial of São Paulo in 2005.

Then, I moved to Brisbane, Australia to deepen my knowledge on such fields of Photography and Architecture at Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane, Australia) in 2006. Having graduated in 2008 at FAAP, I worked with architecture until 2015, but always exploring my perception of the World through my camera's lenses. 

In the pursuit of my passion for photography I then decided to make it my main activity since 2016. In my work, the relations between the human being and the space in which they inhabit are constantly represented by visual and non-visual structures often imposed by society, culture, politics and the individual behaviour.


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