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Ike Ferreira was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil (1982). He attended Public Relations at FAAP - Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado (Sao Paulo, Brazil) in 2000. It was fundamental for a better understanding of human relationships and the images that we reference in our life. During that time he had his first close contact with the Photography and Art in general.

In the pursuit of the composition of the forms, he joined in 2002 in Architecture and Urbanism course at FAAP - Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (São Paulo, Brazil), in 2005, was awarded the first place in the 6th International School Competition of the 6th. International Architecture Biennial of São Paulo. He then moved to Brisbane, Australia during an exchange program to study Photography and Architecture at QUT - Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane, Australia) in 2006. Having graduated in 2008 at FAAP, he worked with architecture until 2015. During this period, had contact with numerous experiments with architecture and culture of peoples and different locations, participating in projects involving different offices around the world, in several areas. 

His passion for photography and the possibility to register the ways he understand the world, documenting different cultures, places, people etc, made him choose photography as his main activity in 2016. He currently have an office in Lisbon, Portugal, and his portfolio has records in various places where he gets all the inspiration for his photos.

His work is mainly driven by his passion for architecture and design, but he also likes to venture into many other areas in photography, always seeking a constant evolution...

not only about photography_

It aways comes to my mind that my work is not only about photography, but a composition of forms, materials, feelings, intuition and light in unique moments, and that photography itself is just a working tool which can capture all these aspects, visual and non-visual, in a image, and that each person can interpret the same image differently, based on individual experiences throughout life.

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